Season 3 Race 3: Chinese Grand Prix Storylines

New and Unexplored Territory – China’s debut on the calendar has had many teams scrambling to come up with a strategy. The circuit is a combination of undulating curves and long straights that will likely be a strain on even the most resilient of gearboxes. In many regards it is reminiscent of Malaysia, and with Koenig-RTK’s success at the high speed circuit in Kuala Lumpur, can they continue their surge in the championship here in Beijing?

The Best of the Rest – While Wright and Centurion are hardly doing badly this season, it is true that they’re currently tied for third place. An analysis of their strategies shows that tire wear may be to blame. With the new tires in play this year, will Centurion and Wright continue to struggle on their strategies, or will they find the grip they need without the wear? With China likely to be a rough circuit on tires, only time will tell.

Season 3 Race 3: Chinese Grand Prix Introduction

With only two races under their belt, Koenig-RTK has surged ahead in both championships. The fledgling team built on the back of L’equipe Duchamp was the wild card this season, and many predicted that they would be starting at a disadvantage. Not only have the critics been silenced, but now the competition is nervous. Wright and Centurion, both strong at the end of last season, now have nearly half the points of Koenig-RTK. And Nergal, having won every World Championship to date, is still playing catchup in spite of winning the opening race of the season. How long will it be before the other teams can match Koenig-RTK, or will they have to settle for second while the German team continues to dominate? Find out as the Chinese Grand Prix begins.

Season 3 Race 2: Malaysia Grand Prix Press Clippings

Koenig-RTK Surges Ahead
Hans Strecht’s victory marked the first win for Koenig-RTK as a constructor. Not only that, but Strecht and Hoffel’s second consecutive double podium has allowed the team to surge ahead in the Constructors Championship. With so many unknowns about the team’s drivers in play, it’s hard to tell if Koenig-RTK has snagged two exceptionally talented drivers or if their car is just the best package on the grid. Many media outlets claim a combination of both. Whatever the case, the other teams clearly have a lot to prove if they want to top the new team from Germany.

Mic McJergens: A Study in Age
With Nergal driver Mic McJergens celebrating his 30th birthday on track this weekend, many critics question whether or not the Irish driver is not too old to make a difference in Formula D. “His first season was practically art,” Darren Richardson, former Centurion driver said to the press. “But his early struggles in season 2 and his mediocre performance this year make it look like he’s lost some of that.” Indeed, many outlets have noted that McJergens is now the oldest driver on the grid, and that his performance this year is a step down from even his mediocre start to season 2. Nergal continues to stand behind its aging former world champion, but will it continue to do so if McJergens’ performance does not improve?

Season 3 Race 2: Malaysia Grand Prix Race Summary

For the first time ever, the sun shone during the Malaysia Grand Prix. Both Nergal cars, Castillo, and Hoffel, who had been eliminated in Q1, all chose to fit the Options tires, while Sylvester, Michelle, Esfandiari, and Strecht had to remain on the same Options that they had fitted for Q2. With an all Options field, the race promised to get off to an interesting start. Continue reading

Season 3 Race 2: Malaysia Grand Prix Qualifying

Qualifying was in a torrent of rain, and all cars opted to go out on the Wets. Koenig-RTK and Nergal were unfazed, choosing to run their default setups despite the rain. However, Wright moved an engine point over to suspension to protect their car against debris. Centurion did something similar, choosing to shore up suspension at the expense of tire wear. Continue reading

Season 3 Race 2: Malaysia Grand Prix Storylines

Equal Footing – With no team showing any signs of underperforming, the third season of the Formula D World Championship may be the most intense yet. Add to that the new regulations, and retirements may be at an all time low. While one race is too early to detect a trend, the caliber of race that the teams brought to Long Beach may be an indication of a strong showing all around.


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