Season 3 Race 2: Malaysia Grand Prix Qualifying

Qualifying was in a torrent of rain, and all cars opted to go out on the Wets. Koenig-RTK and Nergal were unfazed, choosing to run their default setups despite the rain. However, Wright moved an engine point over to suspension to protect their car against debris. Centurion did something similar, choosing to shore up suspension at the expense of tire wear. Continue reading

Season 3 Race 1: United Stated Grand Prix West Press Clippings

Nergal Happy to Maintain Winning Streak
With Leonard McGee’s win at Long Beach, it marked the third consecutive season in which Nergal won the first race. Indeed, no other driver or team on the grid has won a season opener since the sport’s inception. “We’re happy that we’ve always had a strong start to the season, even if things haven’t always gone our way throughout,” team principal Jim Robinson said. “Our race didn’t go as well as it could have with McJergens’ retirement, but a win definitely helps to dull the ache.”

Koenig-RTK Strong Out of the Gate
No one knew exactly what to expect when Koenig-RTK rose from the ashes of L’equipe Duchamp. Doubts have been silenced, however, as the team rounded out the podium nicely at Long Beach. “They surprised me, I have to say,” Cory Sylvester of Centurion GP Racing said after the race. “I thought the team would have teething troubles, but they’re right there setting the pace. This is going to be an incredible fight this season.”

Racing into turn 4

Season 3 Race 1: United States Grand Prix West Storylines

Costs, Time Cited in Lack of Testing – In general, the season begins with a testing period, giving the teams a chance to fine tune their planned setups for the season. However, this season’s test session was surprisingly short, with only a half of a lap at Laguna Seca designed more to test qualifying rules than chassis setups. The teams brought home some data, but how will this affect them in their first race of the season?

Everything New Is News Again – The season is about to begin, and a series of new regulations, a brand new team, and two new drivers are going to make this the most interesting season yet. Koenig-RTK Formula D promises to carry on strongly in the wake of L’equipe Duchamp. And to balance out the existing field, new gearbox regulations and the new qualifying session will keep everyone on an even keel. Who will take advantage of these new rules and come out on top in the early season?

Fifth Team Interested in Championship – News has come out recently that there is a fifth team interested in taking part in a limited number of races during the season. Their identity has not been disclosed yet, but reports indicate that they will enter only a few races towards the middle and end of the season in order to test their car for a season 4 bid for the championship. More news on this as it develops.

The cars scramble to get into the first corner as the race commences.

Season 3 Race 1: United States Grand Prix West Introduction

Change has come to the Formula D World Championship. L’equipe Duchamp is gone, replaced by the very German car company that supplied its engines for two years. Now the teams must qualify to earn their grid positions, forcing them to think strategically and drive carefully or risk having to start from the pitlane. Gearboxes are more resilient but more vital than ever, and every team has a different idea on how best to make use of them. With all of these changes in mind, however, the teams return to a track not seen since the very first season. Long Beach, with its incredible straights and winding corners, will prove to be a trial by fire for four teams who performed very limited pre-season testing. Who will deal with the changes best as the United States Grand Prix West begins?

Season 3 United States Grand Prix West race start

Season 3 Introduction

Formula D is a story. The characters are the people, both in the cars and out.

“Caughlin’s engine is on its last legs. Attack now.”

“The new driver at Wright has built up an absurd lead! Focus on defending your position right now.”

“This is your last chance, Richardson. Put down a clean lap.”

The characters are also the cars. Each has its own personality.

“Mic, can you bring it back around to the pits?”
“The car’s doing most of the work at this point.”

“Are you okay, Mariana?”
“The engine gave up! I can’t believe it!”

“Damn! Stalled again!”
“Okay. Just be careful as the grid passes.”

The characters are also the tracks. Every feature has a history and unique flair.

“Be careful at the hairpin. There’s a pack of cars just behind.”

“You can’t go full throttle down the straight or your engine is going to go.”

“Rain’s coming. Don’t take too many chances until you box.”

As with any good characters, personalities clash.

“That idiot Castro rammed me!”

“He’s blocking me on purpose! I can’t get around!”

“Mikhail, Deryl is faster than you. You are NOT racing him right now.”

There are personal battles to overcome.

“McJergens did that on purpose!”
“We’ve already notified the stewards.”

“I can’t get around the debris.”
“Go straight on and pray.”

“It started raining. Do you think you can do this whole lap on dry tires?”
“I don’t have a choice!”

At the end, there can only be one victor.

“Congratulations! You two got the first one-two finish in Formula D history!”

“You just won your first race, Andres! Well done!”

“You did it again, Len! You’re our world champion!”

But when one story ends, another begins.

Season 3 Press Clippings 5

Koenig Announces Team
One of the most anticipated news stories during the off season has been under what banner L’equipe Duchamp would reorganize. It was widely known that the primary stake holder would be Koenig. Now, however, this has been made official. Koenig-RTK Formula D will be rising from the remains of L’equipe Duchamp as the fourth constructor of the season. In addition, it is widely believed that both Mikhail Volkov and Deryl Caughlin will not be reinstated as the team’s drivers. Who will be replacing them as of yet is unknown.

FIM Meeting Codifies New Rules
The addition of a qualifying session to each race, as well as more stringent pit lane rules and brand new gearboxes were among the rules that were instated at the most recent Federation of International Motorsports meeting. More details can be found in the various rule sections of the site, but this season’s changes marks the biggest deviation from the base rules of Formula D yet. Which teams are going to adapt best to these changes remains to be seen, but most sources agree that it will be an exciting season from the start.


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